Mental Health and Wealth Issues Don’t Discriminate 👑

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One of the reasons I’m so vocal about talking about mental health and wealth is that these two facets affect literally everyone. Yet, they’re so taboo. People are afraid to speak up. They’re afraid to talk about money. They don’t want to be judged.

I just finished watching the Meghan Markle and Harry interview with Oprah and I was astounded by her candor. She admitted feeling suicidal and being scared to be left alone. Being in that place is so frightening and sometimes the scariest place to live is in your head.

I admired her openness but it broke my heart when she admitted that she reached out for help and they basically said tough luck. They were worried about the ‘appearance’ of it. What would it look like to have a Prince’s wife unwell mentally? In part due to constant harassment and beratement, death threats, and racist affronts against her humanity.

This is the exact reason why it’s so hard to speak up and ask for help. It takes so much effort to come forward. Then to be met with such a lack of support. It gave a whole new context on why they “left” — literally for their mental health. At the cost of their wealth, too, as Harry admitted he was cut off financially and was no longer provided security.

I saw some comments on social media about how in the world could Meghan feel that way. She married a Prince! She’s living a real-life fairy tale! She’s rich! Here’s my response:

Illness doesn’t care who you are. If you were under the same pressure and scrutiny as Meghan, it would affect you too.

All of this to say is that mental health issues aren’t reserved for a certain population. That is one of the good/bad things about this past year is that nearly everyone has experienced a mental health moment this past year.

People who’ve never experienced periods of depression or bouts of anxiety suddenly became a little more aware of what some of us battle every single day.

This also goes to show you never know what’s going on with someone. Despite what they post on social media. Despite the happy photos or inspirational quotes. Despite their privileged, charmed lives.

Coming up on the year anniversary of COVID, we need to give ourselves and everyone else some compassion and understanding. We’ve all gone through so much and there are likely battles you’ll never know about that people are fighting silently. Trying to smile through the day and prevent the tears from falling so no one notices.

Be kind to yourself and extend that same kindness to others. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself and make you feel good. I know I harp on that all the time and part of it is a reminder for myself, too. Sometimes you push and push until you break.

And we need you here, in one piece. Not broken, but beautifully imperfect and doing your best to keep it together on this weird journey called life.



Writer. Author of Dear Debt. Host of the Mental Health and Wealth Show. Founder of Lola Retreat. Let’s talk money. Support me:

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Melanie Lockert

Writer. Author of Dear Debt. Host of the Mental Health and Wealth Show. Founder of Lola Retreat. Let’s talk money. Support me: